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Mobilize your people and knowledge

Establishing an overall equipment effectiveness measure (OEE) and implementing short interval control, daily/weekly reporting and production loss accounting are the keys to driving continuous improvement in large, complex manufacturing operations.  


Only when the facts on current performance are clearly visible and reviewed consistently will the various organizational functions (production, maintenance, engineering, operations leadership) be aligned and able to prioritize and systematically direct continuous improvement efforts towards the key areas of opportunity (equipment availability, rate, quality, compliance, cost per tonne, ... etc.).

With clear improvement goals and targets based on current actual performance, multi-functional teams can be effectively mobilized to carry out root-cause analysis, process performance analysis, and engineering studies to develop viable solutions to current performance problems.

I have worked with numerous organizations to set up and utilize production loss-accounting systems and to set up continuous improvement structures and accountabilities that ensure that appropriate action is taken and effective tools and techniques applied to solve challenging process performance problems.  Simultaneously addressing the organizational and technical aspects of such initiatives is critical to the delivery of timely results.

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