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Systematic data-driven improvement

Implementing a systematic, data-driven management control and reporting system is essential to ensure your organization is focussed on the key operational performance metrics and to drive continuous improvement.

However, best practices for designing and implementing operations management systems are not widely understood and developing the management skills and behaviours necessary to implement such practices is a big investment in time and energy.

I use a practical methodology to map your existing systems and practices and train your leaders on the principles of management control and reporting and the key tools and best practices needed in large, high-volume continuous process operations to maximize throughput, asset utilization (OEE), and control cost.


Through this collaborative process, we address the gaps in your current system and design a proposed system including the design of critical system components such as short-interval controls (SIC), daily-weekly operating reports (DWOR), 24-hour, 7-day, and 28-day production plans, and an effective weekly-monthly operational performance report.

During the implementation process I coach and support your teams in designing and implementing effective daily, weekly, and monthly performance review meetings and help you define and develop the management skills and behaviours you need to manage and improve performance in a challenging operational environment.


The methodology is based on many years work as a management consultant implementing production and maintenance management systems in various heavy-industrial sectors including bulk chemical manufacturing, oil and gas and mining. It is a proven and practical approach that delivers measurable sustainable results through changing behaviours.

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