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Control your variable costs

Energy consumption is typically an invisible and neglected factor of production. To determine whether you are using energy efficiently you need to know where energy and utilities are consumed in your production processes and whether the variation in consumption is impactable.

I specialize in carrying out efficient high-level assessments of your process energy and equipment consumption to quickly identify areas of opportunity with the greatest potential saving and payback.

Because of a lack of attention to energy performance historically, it is not uncommon to find opportunities to save energy simply by implementing changes to operating practices, installation of simple short interval controls or the implementation of basic automation tools.

Other opportunities require specialized analysis and process engineering input so it is important to prioritize these efforts on the most promising areas.

Operations teams are faced with many competing priorities.  Reliability and safety are always number one so integrating energy performance into existing management systems and practices needs to be done from the perspective of overall operational performance.

With my experience in operations management and control, I can help your organization manage energy use and savings alongside your other priorities and improvement initiatives.

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